Thursday, April 21, 2011

Farewell to Misys

(It feels like another soda in the pantry that taste awful but got to drink it anyway to satisfy the desiccation without consuming a portable drinking water. That may not make a lot of sense but given reflection; one will come to wonder what will. Or just think of our pantry and how soda are prepared either excessively sweet or terribly lacking with it. But sugar is bad. But not to Jboy. The author is sensibly shy – believe it or not, imaginative, and believes in Nirvana as a 90’s band whose disbandment gave way to their true stardom. This writer is a regular contributor to Bureau of Internal Revenue as a tax payer. Not to mention SSS and PAGIBIG. I believe in the Celestial being, to life after death, and living eternally on earth, thanks to Boss Oli. Moreover, I ceaselessly indebted to somebody who introduced what scholars may have deplorably overlooked in history on writings called as the Book of Judas, popularly known as lessons from Anton.)

I’ve moved to different places. I’ve left dear people behind. But it has never been this difficult to leave a group of people who become more than just colleagues for more than two years; all of you have been a family to me. Without mentioning who may take the role of my parents, evil siblings, and psychotic cousins in you guys but I have a gut feel you know who you are. We’ve been pretty tight all these years. It is almost implausible to fathom the thought of leaving family whom I’ve shared life stories, laughter, trials, accomplishments, spoiled food, cough, colds, and I can just go on and on. What we have is always something special to me. I will cherish all the values and lessons in life that I gained thru the years, those times are truly priceless.

May I specially point out the guys Jboy, Anton, and Boss Oli whom all become instant brothers to me. You three are awesome individuals; I look on each of you with a lot of respect, and utmost reverence. I know that someday you all may become bigger that what you are now. Most especially when you fulfill your lifelong dream to finally enter the adult film industry. Whether as an actor, co-actor, a gyrating dude in the background, a tool, a director, sound effect specialist, etc. You guys are bound for something great. The contribution of your future projects will be seen by many, one of which is National Geographic whom I strongly feel will take Boss Oli’s involvement on comparative analysis on how they do it thousand years back and to the way it is done currently. I am now dying in envy as I write; when I imagine the accolades you three will receive. You may thank me now for encouraging you guys and thank me again when the three of you are on the top lording it over that industry. But please make that gratitude in a discreet manner, I’m a Christian and I have kids I don’t want to be associated with it totally. Though my support is with the three of you. Welcome!

Ofcourse my farewell letter couldn’t be complete if I don’t say anything to my beloved CAT. Here are the most idealistic, overworked, underpaid, and intense individuals I have ever worked with. This team is next to none in terms of creativity, some where so frustrated with limited allowable annual leaves that they ingeniously thought of a workaround to stretch it to the limit. They brilliantly exercise their right for a ‘Maternity Leave’ as means to further get extended leaves without utilizing VL and SL. Though unwittingly Karen Caranto took it to another level, bothered that she cannot apply the workaround Karen filed a ‘Terminal Leave’ instead. Now that one is down right absurd but truly intense!

To Sue and Ms. Ai, thank you for believing in my abilities and it has been a privilege and an honor to be given the opportunity to work for Misys. I will forever be grateful to your kindness, unparallel patience, and guidance. In the future when our paths cross again, may you still consider my interest to work for you once more and share the same aspirations and goals for the company.

That one is genuinely serious.

So, I guess it’s just going to be a goodbye for now. We will still see each other as I will just be around and always a call away. Hey who would can say three months ago that Lawrence Obias changed his mobile number (xxxx-xx79890) exactly like his Misys office number (xx7-9890) just to leave anyway. But to prove a point that I was ready to spend the rest of my sane life here, you know!

The saddest part is that the days, weeks and years ahead will never be the same for me. I will never get to hear your voices or see your faces as often. I will never get to hear your stories and jokes including the corny ones. I will never get to hear your laughter to my clumsiness and jokes including the annoying ones. I will never get to see the Opportunity Numbers created closed won. I will never get to have coffee breaks, toothbrush breaks, food treat breaks, JibJab breaks, Weight-scaling breaks, Facebook breaks-which I never had or rather denied myself with it ;-)

Please hope for the best for me as I hope for the best for everyone.

Thank you a lot and lots and lots and lots and lots…

Thursday, March 10, 2011

our little boy Enzo

For a few seconds I had a good laugh while staring at my computer.

I suddenly thought of startling cognitive ability of my son to visualize things or situations as if they are REAL. One time when his mum had just came home from work. Enzo would offer both his hands to her. Then my wife curiously looked at what is Enzo appeared to be offering or trying to show with his hands. Then Enzo would say “flowers for you” then a peck to his mum’s cheek... Sweet!

Not really a surprise though, because most of the time Enzo would amaze us like when he kiss and talk to his mum’s 2 months old baby…well our unborn baby in his mum’s tummy. Even when we were doing our grocery, Enzo would offer chips, milk, or whatever that interests him to his mum’s tummy. He call him “baby”. Out of nowhere Enzo would just say “Baby, you like toys?”, “Baby, you like pillows?” etc. It fascinates me and my wife on how Enzo deals with the upcoming new member of our young family.

By the way unlike me and my wife who were naturally shy when we were kids. Enzo would embrace the attention. In several instances when he notices that several people would be watching him walk down the isle being part of the wedding entourage. He would suddenly walk and smile in front of everybody without urging or making ‘bola’.

HIS time

And yes I am just a few weeks away from signing the contract.

It’s always in HIS time. I ask the moment I needed the most, and that moment is perfectly scheduled in HIS right instance.

Great just great =)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

le moment

It was Wednesday morning, as usual; I got up from bed first. Took some few minutes in the shower. Put on my office clothes which I prepare in the evening before going to bed. Went inside our bedroom and gently woke up my wife to let her know that it’s her turn. We usually do this in a very skillful silence to avoid our 2 yrs old son from waking up. Or else hell will break loose.

On the train while turning my view to the window, the sun touches my face. A beautiful golden morning to welcome the middle day of the week. People squeezed-in every station stop that the train makes. I carry my bag from the front; heavy as it may, bearing my laptop, umbrella, and some office stuff I always bring with me.

Early in the office I immediately use the morning energy to do some urgent matters. It was because I have already planned in mind to attend mass at noon in a nearby chapel. I took early lunch by myself. It was chicken curry, combined with a delightful laing, and a cup of rice. Afterwards, I hurriedly walked to the chapel so not to be late for the 12:15pm scheduled Wednesday mass.
I arrived 20 minutes early, and I just sit there and observed on what is happening. I saw old ladies doing some novena. Some people of my age in their office attire sitting around praying. Few student-looking young ones who seemed to have just come from school.
Then I saw every image inside the chapel with their heads tilt downwards as if watching the people inside. I asked myself why did my feet pulled me to go to that place? Then I answered myself, well, there are things I have been praying to Him and apparently I am not getting the answers I want to get. I am a spoiled brat from my God. That is because God made me one. I was there kneeling, and said to Him do you still have space in your heart for my prayer? (without an 's' meaning it is a very special intention) I am ultimately sure that there is. But it is not the intended plan He has for me, yet?. But I am hard headed. That is because God made me one. In the real world, not all Larry wants, Larry gets. But in my relationship to my God, I have a special lane granted for a measly me. That is because God made me felt one. As arrogant as it sounds, my confidence to Him is built by time and proven by countless personal occurrences.

Not so long ago, a devoted 12 year old me would wake up early in the morning when the sun is still asleep. Braving the dark streets walking to the church, as the cold breeze of the air gel my skin. I never doubted my intention nor turn back from an obligation. I am an altar server. A role I take seriously more than a basic kid’s responsibility which is school. I vividly remember how my mother would scold me relentlessly to be diligent with school work. This is contrary to being an acolyte where commitment is sacred.

Perhaps a mere exaggeration when I pointed out special lane rolled for Acolytos. Indeed, heaven is kind for my measly being.

Now comes a time when I am distressed for a favor to happen. The tides have come and down, and I am still wandering if my whisper concerns heaven for a simple glimpse. Time suddenly did not matter anymore, as I keep my hopes on the edge. I am bothered.

Then I ask myself, where is the moment I needed the most?

Friday, August 21, 2009


Dear Tokwa,

What the hell am I doing in the office? When most of the people I know are at home enjoying the non-working holiday, slouching at their bed, watching TV, going out to the malls, or simply just spending time with their family . Oh well, I’ll make it up with my wife and my son in the weekends, perhaps go out of town in Tagaytay maybe. Coz my folks were planning for this trip and of course they would like to be with their apo.

It's Ninoy Aquino day, 26 years ago the man in yellow was assassinated at the tarmac of the Manila International Airport. I may not vividly recall this event as much as many people since I was only turning 4 years old then. But I did felt that what happened was something really really awful and disgust my family back then. I remember my Dad, my Aunts, and my Lolo were angered by it and argue about it endlessly. You see, I came from a family where they all seem vocal about any significant event happening around us. May it be about the politics, showbiz, church matters, movies, or an intriguing life of a neighbor. Well they are all opinionated and give a damn or their own version of two cents.

While I as always, reserved, though very sensitive and very aware of the things taking place around me. I never have the liking of sharing my thoughts during discussions with elders in the family. It may be because of the respect I have with them. Or I would just prefer to lay low together with my so many cousins and dish some funny remarks to lighten up the mood. Well I, most often is like that in school, office, and when with friends. Though I don’t mind if I have different perspective with how they view things. I most of time have a different outlook of the developments of events. I don’t know why, that maybe if I speak of my true opinions I may be seen as kontrabida and just a simple eccentric person. My peculiar perception of unfolding occurrence make people laugh and perceived as a funny and witty remark, when infact its my true discernment of things.

Some examples of the reflection going through my head on News headliners:

- On Charter Change issue, regardless of whether I am in favor or not. I hate the fact that when I come to hear the mass and end up getting sermons about anti-ChaCha on homilies. I respect the church, but as a member of it, could they respect my beliefs on those issues and just please preach on the Gospel and not on what a number of Bishops think so about it.

- Manny Pacquiao, I think he is good infact almost the greatest of all time. But what would make his spot on earth is if he losses a really big fight at his present status then make a come back. As they say its not how many times you fell down, but its how many times you to stood up from it. So I really really want to see this guy hit the deck, and from thereon start his real and greater legacy.

- Jose Rizal, I think is a whimp. Somebody picked by the Americans so Filipinos will epitomize a person who don’t believe in struggle of arms. Why would we make this dude a national hero when he would just want to make the Philippines a province of Spain. Indepence was fought with blood and tears by the katipuneros, heck Jose Rizal stayed in his room writing a novel that I thought made me bored to death reading in high school. Talk about added burden.

- MRT, I wish they would raise the fare twice of its current cost. To decongest the passengers and hence, Class B would rather use the park ride and eventually lessen the vehicles in EDSA. While those in Class D-C may use again the public bus, in a way would help the transport industry and perhaps would avoid bus drivers going F1 in EDSA because enough passengers are waiting along the way.

- Public education, I believe we should have additional preparatory levels making it grade school 1-5 and high school 1-6. All minor subjects in college should be covered in high school already, and this would relate the colleges to Major subjects alone. In order for high school graduates to be more competent even without the degree. Also, a fraction from each rich kid’s tuition fee should be allocated to less fortunate schoolers.

- Lastly use the workforce of the OFWs in the middle east as a diplomatic ground in negotiating for oil prices. Without our OFWs the middle east would be paralyzed, hence, bargain a cheaper oil price. Another, slowdown our ties with the US, and start exploring better relationship with Russia and China. They are now the biggest holders of US dollar reserves, the more they hold it the more the US will suffer. And if my calculations are correct the US dollar will be devalued even further and the world will be relegated to a different major currency.

Oh well, back to work. I know none of this may not happen except for the last one. Atleast I have my own world to share.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chuck DVD

I just got my Chuck DVD this morning from my former co-employee. I am now so excited to watch it over the weekend. That is if Enzo will let me touch the TV for a couple of hours. I see my self watching Chuck during unholy hours.

More than a year ago few of us (former officemates) got hooked with Chuck. Then after so many unexpected plans, moving from one place to far flung distance, and I getting a new job; we are still so much into Chuck. Infact, I also learned that even my tito in New Zealand is actually addicted to it too.

We have been exchanging so many exciting things about Chuck. The only downside is when I changed my status in Facebook, calling my self as Special Agent Charles Carl Michael which drew ires from people. Calm down guys, as if I am not sensitive that you guys envy it Hehehe

Thursday, December 11, 2008


It's been a while since my last post in this blog. And so many things had happen to me. One of which is moving to a new company. And I have numerous friends who have been asking for the copy of my farewell letter to the former co-employees I left behind. Here is how it went dated on 18 Oct 2008:

To: xxx
Subject: Good bye too

Hi Everyone,

Before leaving this wonderful office, I would like to share something I learned from previous employers, you see there’s a tradition that before leaving, the resignee would present a farewell song and would speak of all the super positive attributes to his/her co-employees and to the company. But obviously I cannot sing and secondly, I don’t lie… hehehe just kidding. Seriously I would like to thank you all for trying to be extra nice to me through the years, and it actually almost convinced me that those were sincere…again JK only =).

One thing I would like to straighten up is the rumor swirling the past few weeks that I am leaving the corporate world to enter the film industry. Although it almost came true but I declined doing porno films, due to the fact that as a true Christian who believe in moral values and being raised by upright Catholics, I did not come to terms with the producer mainly to the fact that schedule of doing porno films will be done at night. I should be gone to bed sleeping at those wicked hours. So to Mr. Anunciato, I am flattered by the offer but sorry I cannot accept it, for now. Although I may recommend several people whom I have a gut feel will strive to become big in adult film. Most of which are recipients of this email.

On a lighter side, I have so many memorable moments to treasure during my stay here with Oracle. Those were personal milestones that will forever be carve in my heart. During my first year, I got married to my wife. After a few months later she gave birth and made me an instant Dad. Oh life is such bliss. On my second year, I got food poisoned during one of the company party. Luckily everybody survive but the trauma stayed. Then, few weeks later my laptop got sabotage, a virus hit all my files and erasing the most important files kept for years. It almost turned me mad. Although, the nervous breakdown is not as often as was before but I can now think straight like a normal human being.

Again, an endless thank you to everybody. I hope that one day our path will cross again and that by that time I’ll be 1000 times richer so I may be a little snobbish then. So don’t forget to bring a picture of you and me to show that one time we were once co-employees.
I am so inspired by the friendship gained from everybody that I made a farewell video. I hope you can give an ample time to watch how pathetic I have become. =)

Farewell video :
Signing off video:

It's really sad to leave but I have to move for the better.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Ok, Che shared our valentine escapade in her blog already that is why it will be not going to be re-told here. And yeah our unplanned valentine's date dinner in CYMA was romantic and a blast because the food was really great and spending time with each other is priceless, just like what the mastercard Ad is saying. But to cap it all the rose from our baby Enzo surprised her a lot =)

It all happened in the evening of valentine's day.

But in the morning I also had fun being the photographer (together with Daryl) for our office valentine's day activity held in a creatively done valentine's theme studio in one of the office's meeting room.

People in the office surely had fun posing and being jolly for the one time hearts day occasion of the year. The make-shift studio was a box office, though we were not really paid to do it. But I and Daryl are just fond of photoshoots, that we too were overwhelmed with our officemates participation. All of the shots taken are now uploaded in my multiply site.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Across the Office

How convincing can I be?

Since I exaggeratedly talked about a movie I watched one weekend to my officemates called 'Across the Universe'. Many have insist on borrowing the DVD from me. Which I gladly shared with them. The movie which my wife absolutely hated, not only because of the dragging story, also the fact that she is not a fan of musical plays moreso to those that were put into film. The movie according to her, ruined her weekend because it gave her headache. Well, I would like to disagree, but I can't blame her if she feels the colorful 70's theme of the movie was kindda too much for her.

But then ofcourse this incident with my wife on how she felt about the movie didn't reach my gullible co-workers. I don't want them to ever think that the movie can be that bad. However, I am very confident that most of them do not have the enthusiasm on a musical play and moreso to those put into film, just like my wife. And so my ever gentle, sharing soul is more than willing to offer the DVD to them. I may have said few lies, like watching the movie three times over the weekend, that I will put this movie to my list of all-time favorites, and that I intend to keep the DVD so my children's children will be able to see them in the future. Though none of the mentioned ever crossed my mind nor actually took place.

Nevertheless, for all beatle fans out there, you are going to embrace this movie. If you are the hippie type and loves the beatle music, you will thank me for mentioning this to you. (As of this writing an officemate has just ping me to say thank you for letting her borrow the DVD and they intend to watch it this weekend, she is one of the all-action/thriller movie buff kind of person. Watching this film is going to be a slow death for her. Can't wait for the reaction on Monday)

Let us go back to the question placed convincing can I be?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

News Alert: Two Clowns Leaving

For the next couple of years these will be the last 'almost complete' photos I will have with my cousins from my Dad's side, atleast for those who still decide to stay here in the country. The barangay Obias known for barraging birthday parties (only when invited) because of our sheer number and good appetite, will be down by 2 again. As Grace and Ann will follow their Mom, Dad, and little sis Gela in New Zealand. They are booked to leave Manila tomorrow.

In the photo below (from left to right) Michelle, Patrick, Jing, Michael, Ba, my bro Mac, Ann carrying my son Enzo, Madelle carrying her son Brent, then my wife Che, and me.
This photo was taken on Dec. 25 2007, missing here is Grace and Paula. And ofcourse our cuz in ANZ Franz 'the big tummy' Lomibao, MJ 'brief kid' Lomibao, Aaron Obias, and Gela Holgado.

I am sad that I was not able to join them last night for their despedida. I could have gone their and took more photos of us. But then I have other priorities that's why I was unable to join them.

How I wish my son Enzo can get to know them all while growing. I cannot describe to Enzo how close we all are. We maybe just cousin and all that, but we all are like so close to each other.I will surely miss all the good times.

My best memory of us all were during birthday celebration of our Grandparents. Where we all get together and eat, joke around, laugh, make fun of each other, teased, gossip, and make the youngest member of the family cry! Ofcourse there is Christmas, where we exchange gifts, make ourselves rich by asking the elders for some aguinaldo. Actually, I realized that we feel happy not because of the gifts and money we get during that season, but because it's fun being together.

Oh boy, Grace, Ann, and Gela would not be around during Enzo's 1st birthday on October. So this means that Che and I would really have to improvised some clowns.

But then life has special plans for everyone. I wish you guys good luck! All the best and may heaven guide you guys at all times. And when you come back to visit in few years time be sure to shower Enzo with gifts, we have no preference at all. But we'll really appreciate it if it will come in Nintendo box that says 'Wii'.

Oh here are some more of our photos (by the way don't forget to visit

Here in the photo above is my bro Mac at the back, me with Enzo (Zzz...), Jing, Michael, Ba, Grace, and Ann.

This time my cousins with my wife Che
Here is Grace with Tita Nen, Che, and Enzo.
With Nanay and Tita Cecil.

I stole this photo (from last nights despedida) courtesy of Jing.

Darn we were not there!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Celebrity Look Alikes

I look so hot....only if I became a girl, stupid site!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Positive-ly Happy :)

In about seven months my wife and I will be expecting a new member of our new family. We felt really really happy when her OB confirmed that she is indeed pregnant. As you can see in the photo below: It's positive ( two lines means positive in the pregnancu kit she is holding )

For the past weeks since that very day, my wife and I kept on saying to each other that it would not matter wether the baby would turn out to be a boy or a girl, as long as the baby will come out healthy. But, at the back of Che's mind some other plan is in store. Like for an instance, we would talk like this:

Me: I want a nice and unique name
Che: pero di ba dapat kahit boy or girl
Me: ofcourse naman, I am just saying na we should give the baby a nice name
Che: ok...
Me: pero for me basta wether boy or girl oks na oks...
Che: ok, as long as we name the baby Louise Kirstenn Clare...

So much for the 'kahit ano gender' topic.

Though even I is guilty of having preference, there are days like:

Me: Alam mo Hon, I can't wait when the time na our child comes of age na mamasyal kame
Che: Like saan naman kayo pupunta...
Me: Basta somewhere
Che: Saan nga?
Me: Manunuod ng UAAP basketball games
Che: Eh kung girl ang anak mo?
Me: oo nga, wether boy or girl nunuod kme ng PBA and UAAP games, hehehe

Anyway, it's been almost 11 weeks, and and in few weeks time Che and I will put an end to the long discussion of boy or girl. It takes 20 weeks before the gender of the baby can be determined through an ultrasound.

The truth is wether it's a boy or a girl, we will shower our child with love and care, and teach him or her the values of life, even if it means beating the opposing team in UAAP basketball games to their knees.